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 always clean ingredients, 


 always a clean burn 

 candles + salts, 

 handcrafted in the Carolina's...

 clean burning candles are important!

 That's why we only use 100% naturally derived coconut wax and

sustainably sourced lokal, Carolina beeswax with organic essential oils + high grade fragrance oils.


crystal stone collection

Our CRYSTAL STONE COLLECTION features a trio of crystal candles that are carefully crafted from a blend of naturally derived coconut wax and sustainably sourced  beeswax. 

 bath salts 

Candle + Salts.jpg
 what's in you bath? 

 Gypsy Lokal uses only the purest, cleanest salts, natural ingredients and organic USDA pure essential oils. 

your skin matters!

We make it our priority to use only the highest grade salts and clean organic ingredients.

We only use 100% natural pure essential oils for all bath items...absolutely, no synthetic dyes, fragrances or toxic ingredients in your bath. 

naturally, so simple

GYPSY LOKAL's mission is to bring thoughtfully handcrafted products into your space that are always clean, organic, non-toxic, paraben + phthalate freenaturally derived and sustainably sourced. Our journey brings influences from coast to coast that we hope can ignite for you or a loved ones own path to reflect on or navigate your own journey. 


“GYPSY LOKAL's beeswax candles are fantastic for my scent sensitivities and will not ever go back to paraffin, soy or palm wax candles!”

lindsey j. , Austin, tx

What wax do we use?

Coconut Wax + Lokal Carolina Beeswax 

clean candle wax is important!

Gypsy Lokal incorporates 100%

naturally derived coconut wax and

sustainably sourced lokal,

Carolina beeswax into our candles.