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Welcome to Gypsy Lokal's journey...

Everyone has a story, or what I like to call a journey to tell. A journey simply is what makes you, YOU! It gives depth, strength and character to your being. A journey could be and usually is the most adventurous, hardest, scariest thing ever done. However, going through the path being able to experience it, will always be worth it.


The Gypsy journey began by wanting to see what else was out there, to really delve deep into this thing we call life. Some people are here to stay in your journey and some are meant to leave your journey. Reflecting back, i realize that there are so many great phases of life of learning, growing, failing, trying, or doing. As one journey path comes to an end, there is one just beginning...just like this one here.

Gypsy Lokal's new path brings into any space, influences from coast to coast and our journey itself. Not only did we want to bring beautiful products into an environment, but we are super passionate about what products actually use, especially if your health has anything to do with it. We found, it was nearly impossible to find a clean burn candle out there, this simply means, clean wax and clean ingredients. this was the push to handcraft a non-toxic, clean burning candle that would bring just that. We hope you enjoy a piece of our journey and we hope we can share our influence on yours. 


Owner/Founder Gypsy Lokal

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this is my gypsy journey... what's yours?