This gift bundle is not too much, not too little. Perfect gift for anyone, anytime!


Gift bundle includes one: 8 oz (gypsy collection/Morning Cup, Citrus Drift or Coastal Bloom) candle tin, 2 oz relaxing lavender, eucalpytus + peppermint tub salt and gypsy matches packaged to perfection. 


Aromas to choose from: 


- Violet Orris + Sandalwood 

This Coastal Bloom Candle Tin from our collection helps create a sweet, serene atmosphere in any space. Feminine sweet soft violet mingles with exotic coastal woods to create a unique intoxicating floral with a bright touch of zest into the Coastal Bloom. 


-Mandarin + Coastal Wood Fragrance + Essential Oils 

This Citrus Drift Candle Tin from our collection helps create an uplifted, bright atmosphere in any space. Sparkling citrus of mandarin, lemon, bergamot warming coconut and vanilla, finishing with musky amber and sandalwood for that uplifting Citrus Drift. 


Coffee Bean + Cacao Fragrance + Essential Oils 

This Morning Cup Candle Tin from our collection helps create a warm, nostalgic atmosphere in any space. Rich, sweet creamy caramel with butter coffee, cacao, and warm vanilla come together in a luscious confection for your Morning Cup. 


  •  8 oz White Matte Candle Tin with Lid 
  • Phthalate Free Fragrance + Essential Oils 
  •  Coconut Wax + Bees Wax Blend 
  •  Wooden Wick 


Tub Salt


Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Pink Himalyan Salt, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint essenital oils, vitamin E. 

2 oz / 1 bath



Approx. 20 white tip matches

gypsy solo bundle

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