•  14 oz White Candle Jar w/ Wood Lid 
  •  Natural Honey Aroma 
  •  Lokal Carolina Bees Wax 
  •  Wooden Wick 


This Natural Honey Candle from our Lokal Collection helps create a natural, piece of mind atmosphere in any space. Straight from the Carolina hives, the honey aroma is light and clean on your senses, while making it that more enjoyable to have a piece of mind in our Natural Honey Carolina beeswax candle.


Aroma: Natural Honey

Wax Used: Lokal Carolina Bee's Wax

Wick: Wooden Wick 

Dimensions: 3.25" d x 4" h

Container Size: 14 oz 

natural honey - 14 oz. beeswax candle

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