ingredients we proudly use  

lokal Carolina beeswax + coco oil

beeswax? why is beeswax the bees knees?

That's right! We are proud and loud about our candles being made with small hive lokal Carolina beeswax. We love beeswax because it is a renewable resource straight from nature. Beeswax has a sweet and natural fragrance all it's own. You can expect the cleanest, brightest and longest burn than traditional candle waxes. It is said, that when heated, beeswax neutralizes air pollutants such as dust, pollen, pet dander while also being a go to burn for allergies and scent sensitivities. 


We use only lokal beeswax that is carefully sustainably sourced, chemical free and lightly filtered at the beekeepers North Carolina location. Using lokal small hive beeswax means we know there are no bees that are harmed in the harvesting of beeswax, making it a cruelty-free, vegetarian-friendly option for all your burning needs. 


Why we add coconut oil: Beeswax by itself is very dense and tends to melt only around the wick. We add USDA Certified Organic Coconut Oil to help soften the wax and keep the candle burning longer and even for the lifetime of the candle. 


By providing candles with a clean base of beeswax and coconut oil we are able to eliminate genetically modified ingredients such as soy bean, as it is the main ingredient in soy wax and petroleum byproducts, stabilizers and harmful dyes found in paraffin wax candles. 


We love our bee's and we love a clean burn!

coconut wax

why not paraffin wax or soy wax?

Coconut wax burns slowly and cleanly without soot particles filling your home. This wax is obtained from a completely natural process. Coconut's do not require fertilizer or pesticides to grow and are hand harvested.   


Coco wax may be pricier than soy and paraffin waxes, but it sure is cleaner. The main factors that led to the usage of soy and paraffin wax: ease of production, low costs, pleasant aesthetic, good scent properties, and effective burning. Sounds good right? well, paraffin is a petroleum byproduct and soy is 90% genetically modified.


To each their own. We choose coconut wax with a blend of beeswax to hold it nicely together to always give you that clean burn.  


We love coconut wax! 

essential oils + high grade fragrance

why not use just any fragrance?

A candles aroma is one of the most defining characteristics of your candle...let's start with, essential oils. Essential oils are truly 100% derived from nature and are collected through a distillation process that carefully separates the oils from the plant it's coming from. Essential oils not only have none of the toxic properties of synthetic fragrances, but they actually can go in the opposite direction aiding in aromatherapy benefits burning throughout your home. We actually put nothing else in our beeswax candles besides USDA pure aromatherapy essential oils. Making our beeswax candles the cleanest of the clean.


High grade fragrance + essential oils: We ONLY use our high grade fragrance/essential oils in our coconut wax candles. We make sure all of our high grade fragrances come from a reputable supplier, while being phthalate and paraben free.  (Rest assured, our beeswax and bath salts are strictly all pure essential oils...nothing else.) 


Whether you'd like a complete clean burn, or you would like a more fragrant burn we have the best of both worlds! 


We love our candles and we love a clean burn!

salts : himalayan salt, dead sea salt, epsom salt

what's in your bath?

Do you love a good relaxing bath, but could rarely find a bath soak that was completely natural? Well, we had the same problem. That's why we wanted to bring nothing but natural and clean ingredients to your tub. From our bath salts to our essential oils, you will not find anything that is a threat to your skin. We use only the purest, cleanest salts, natural ingredients and organic USDA pure essential oils.

  • We love incorporating epson salt (boosts magnesium levels, helps de-stress, reduces swelling, helps with insomnia and helps the body detox). 

  • We love incorporating himalayan salt (draws out toxins from the skin, contains 84 trace minerals your body needs , stimulates circulation, soothes skin and supports important functioning of the body's health).

  • We love incorporating dead sea salt (alleviate discomfort, improves blood circulation, eliminates toxins and balances the skin's natural pH levels). 

  • We love incorporating Kaolin Clay (absorbs toxins from the skin, gently removes dead skin cells, improves skin circulation and all around great for all skin types).

  • We love incorporating organic coconut milk powder (eases muscle fatigue, soothes skin, regulates heart functioning, regulates breathing and great anti-viral benefits).

  • We love incorporating vitamin E oil (rejuvenates and restores skin, offers antioxidant benefit and allows long-lasting moisture retention for skin).

We are here to keep the integrity of our mission with clean ingredients and we will do everything we can to make it happen! 


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out. 

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xo, Gypsy Lokal